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10/31/2011- Est. 11/11/2011 (Extended*)- E182 Out of Service  - 1) Annual Service 2) LDH 3 & 4 Rebuild and Actuators 3) Air Pack Seat Upgrade 4) Pump Circulation Line 5) Rear Spring Repair*
Contact: J Drucker - Chief Engineer

11/05/2011 - E181 - Generator Glow Plug Contr Repaired - Generator Back in Service, Cab Radio Mic Swapped.

11/11/2011 - The pump recirculation procedure has been changed on Engine 182, you will no longer need to partially open the tank fill to circulate cooling water in the pump. 


A black quarter turn hand valve has been installed on the left lower part of the pump panel directly below the auxiliary cooler control valve.


This valve allows water FROM the pump to be sent back to the booster tank. It's important to remember that the tank to pump valve must also be opened to send water TO the pump.


Points to remember..........


1) The pump must never be run dry, the tank to pump valve should always be opened anytime the pump is engaged. The tank to pump line is equipped with a check valve that prevents water from going back to the tank, for example if a positive water source were also connected to the pump with the tank to pump valve open.


2) The pump recirculation line is only half the equation, the tank to pump valve must also be opened to circulate water in the pump.


3) The pump recirculation valve is normally left open. The only time it should be closed is when you're on a positive water source and flowing water. If the recirculation valve is left open on a positive water source it will refill the tank and eventually overflow.


4) The auxiliary cooler valve does not circulate water for pump cooling. The auxiliary cooler allows water in the pump to be circulated to cool the diesel motor in an emergency. The downside is that superheated water exchanged from the diesel motor will be returned to the pump possibly overheating the pump. So there must be circulation to the booster tank and or water flowing through the pump in order to get rid of the residual heat from the diesel motor.



Any problems please let me know, a permanent label will be installed under the pump recirculation valve shortly.


John Drucker

Chief Engineer

11/14/2011 - L180 Maintenance

11/15-23/2011 E-181 Maintenance and Repairs

12/13-12/15/2011 E-182 Open Items Maintenance and Repairs - SCBA Seats, Ladder Tunnel